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Correctly Displaying Sports Memorabilia

14th March 2017 / no comments, on Uncategorised

As sports memorabilia can be a very valuable item, it is essential that you display it in a correct, secure and protective way. Many people think that displaying your items is just a way to have the items on show, whereas in reality, it is also the perfect way of preserving it and ensuring that no harm comes to it.

There are many different ways in which your sports memorabilia can be displayed, with many of the typical ways including large display frames, small picture frames, glass domes, acrylic display cases and even a nice presentation box.

Large Display Frames

A large display frame is the perfect way to display a signed or match worn shirt, boxing shorts and other signed pieces of clothing. The more expensive frames often have a short description engraved onto a plaque, with pictures either side of it, located at the bottom of the frame; with the shirt expertly positioned inside. There are also cheaper options that are available, such as a normal frame that is big enough to house the item, without causing damage to it. Large display frames are a great way of displaying the item because not only does it give you the ability to show off the signature, but because you can see the rest of the shirt too, it works from an outstanding presentation point of view also.

Small Picture Frames

This form of display is ideal for something much smaller that you may want to display, including a signed captain’s armband, a rare and collectable baseball card or even a wristband that has been worn by a tennis star. A small picture frame offers a neat and tidy way of putting a small item on display, attracting your visitor’s attention and preserving the quality of the item. It can often be tailored to the design or colour scheme of the room it will be displayed in, with small picture frames available in a whole range of different colours.

Glass Domes

A glass dome display case can be bought in a variety of different sizes. They can be purchased to correctly cater to the size of a golf ball, right up to a basketball. A glass dome would typically be used to display sport balls such as golf balls, tennis balls, rugby balls, footballs and basketballs; often because they have been signed by sports stars or because they have been used at a professional event. They can also be bought to house items such as trainers or football boots that may have been worn or signed by a professional sports person.

Acrylic Display Cases

An acrylic display case can come in all different shapes and sizes, including a small rectangle shape to a big cube shape. They are often used in the same way as a glass dome, holding various different sports balls and sportswear. The difference with an acrylic display case is that it is made from cheaper materials but, despite being a cheaper alternative to its glass counterpart, still protects and boasts the memorabilia that it holds. A sign or a plaque can be incorporated into the case, to give it an extra level of beautiful presentation, and it can also be purchased in the colour scheme of your choice.

Presentation Box

Although not commonly known for housing pieces of sports memorabilia, a nice presentation box can be perfect for if the memorabilia is purchased as a keepsake rather than to be used as a display. As sports memorabilia has been recognised by professional sports clubs in recent years, they have capitalised on the industry by selling the memorabilia of their athletes on their own website. A presentation box can be good in the way of packaging of these items, but the way in which they are designed means that the pieces can be stored in the same box, even if they are wanted to be used as a display item or for presentation purposes.

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