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Sports Memorabilia – A Complete Guide

18th January 2017 / no comments, on Uncategorised

The industry of sports memorabilia and sports collectibles has continued to grow over the years into a huge industry, of which everybody can be involved with in some way or another. The clothing, equipment and even the autograph of a major sporting star (or at least somebody that has previously been a major sporting star) are heavily sought after, with people not even needing a second to think about paying the large sums of money that is attached to some of the best pieces in the world.

Types of Sports Memorabilia

There are many different items that can be classed as sport memorabilia, depending on whether they are or include one of the following: A piece of match or event worn clothing, a piece of equipment that was personally used by the star or team in question and finally, an autograph from a sports star or even a collection of sports stars.

Match worn items can be a whole variety of things, with the most popular amongst avid collectors being the likes of boxing gloves, boxing shorts, football shirts, football boots, goalkeeper gloves and tennis attire. An item that has previously been worn by a sport star can often be at the top of any sports fanatics shopping list, based on their admiration for an individual and their perceived need to have something that has been worn by a superstar.

Although maybe a slightly cheaper alternative of purchasing something that your favourite sports star has come into contact with, purchasing used sporting equipment has become very popular over recent years. The desire for some kind of item that has previously been touched, used or worn by a popular sporting figure can easily be fulfilled by purchasing something such as a tennis racket, a baseball bat, a match used football, a cricket bat and even a set of darts. The reason for buying such items can also have no relation to the people involved at all, as a major sporting event, the breaking of a record or a unique match-up could urge you to seek something to remember such things by.

The items listed above are extremely popular pieces that collectors and sports fans alike put their interest and their money in to, yet they can be made even more appealing, and admittedly even more expensive, with the autograph of your favourite sports person. An autographed piece of memorabilia doesn’t just have to be match worn or used; an autograph can be written on something very simple, with the autograph itself being the reason for its sudden increase in value.

Why do people collect Sports Memorabilia?

There are many reasons as to why people collect sports memorabilia, with the obvious reason being the basic fact of being in possession of a genuine hand signed item; a signature of your favourite professional sports star. A footballer, an athlete or any other professional within the sports industry can create instant happiness for their fans, whether that be through a signature or even the sale of their match worn clothing or used equipment, as many fans are desperate for a piece of their idol. Of course, the interest in a particular professional isn’t just for the current crop, but also ex-stars that the whole world will always remember. An unfortunate fact is that something that always makes people think of them is their retirement or even their death, igniting a previous love or admiration that many people across the world have for them.

Another reason that people spend their money on particular sports memorabilia is so that they can remember a particular sporting event. This could be for a variety of reasons, including a historical moment within a sport, your favourite club reaching the final of a major event or even the performance of a professional in a particular event, of which you want to remember for as long as possible.

People may also collect sports memorabilia for investment purposes only, despite that being an unpopular fact for sports fanatics to accept. Many collectors or known investors will pounce on the availability of pieces of history that are worth large sums of money, of which will only rise in price as years go by. The large amount of interest in sports memorabilia and the huge amount of money that is involved in modern sport are two golden factors that influence professional investors to add these particular items to their portfolio.

How can I collect sports memorabilia?

The most obvious of methods for collecting sports memorabilia is to visit reputable online sites that have a variety of items for you to choose from. As well as the traditional auction house, online auction sites such as Amazon and Ebay have a whole host of items that sports memorabilia specialists, individual collectors or general sports fans have listed for people to buy. As well as listing certain products on online auction sites, specialist memorabilia sites will also have their own site that will have other items on for you to browse and then purchase should anything take your fancy.

A quick fire way to collect sporting memorabilia that bears the signature of your favourite star is to meet them in person. This initially sounds like a difficult thing for the average Joe to do, but there are always different ways that this can be done. Over recent years, the amount of community events and club events that professionals and teams participate in have rapidly increased; offering the perfect opportunity to create your own memorabilia. You can also attend meet and greet events, and arranged signing sessions, where one of the main reasons of these events is to sign things for fans.

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